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Scorpionic energy often appears calm and subdued but is intensely emotional underneath the surface.

We can begin to understand the depths of Scorpio by looking at Pluto—its ruling planet that is associated with the underworld, death, and rebirth. We meet with Pluto in our lives when we feel we need to cross a threshold, examine deep emotional processes, or find truth by delving deep into the hidden parts of ourselves.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning Scorpios tend to like stability, routines, and home life—just like their opposite sign, Taurus. We can think of Taurus as the natural world and all that is visible and Scorpio as the underworld, or whatever emotions, thoughts, truths, and secrets linger below the surface. 

Scorpio is often associated with the eighth house in astrology—an arena that rules sex, death, and rebirth, among other things.

Scorpios are famously discreet and even secretive, with an air of mystery around them. Other personality traits include fearlessness, boldness (thanks to Mars), passion, creativity, and fierce loyalty.

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