If Your Fall Wellness Personality Was A Flavor, What Would It Be?

As fall rolls around, there’s a part of us that lets out a sigh of relief. Without the hustle and bustle of summer, we find ourselves with more room to breathe. With more space to focus on cultivating our best selves. And yet, we all phase into this slower, darker season a bit differently. For some of us, fall wellness looks like hikes and hot springs. For others, it’s making meals from the veggies we harvested ourselves.

Whatever our fall wellness personality may look like, there’s a Ricola herb drop to match. Every Ricola herb drop starts with their signature blend of 10 high-quality herbs harvested from five different regions in the Switzerland mountains. But then they’re combined with additional ingredients like juices from real berries, or fresh mint, to create a unique portfolio of flavors. And which one is best for you? Take our quiz to find out!

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